Question 1. Do you need help?

Yes!! We have four part time staff members.  Everything else we do is volunteer based. We need you!! You can volunteer to serve dinner. You can host a food drive. You can make a donation. 

Question 2. How do we volunteer?

We serve dinner Monday - Friday from 5:30-6:30.  We need 6-10 volunteers each night to make that happen.  We ask our volunteers to arrive by 5:00pm and will be finished by 7:00pm. To get on the volunteer list simply email Maija. We accept court ordered community service people and teens who need hours for legacy.  Please schedule all those hours with Maija.

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Question 3. Do you take leftovers?

Yes!  We love leftovers.  We often get leftovers that don't make an entire meal to feed our crowd, however, we can use what you bring and add it to the meal we plan to make the meals go further!  We try and never waste anything!  If we take a donation that can't complete a meal we wrap it and give it to some of our clients to use at home.

Question 4. Where does your food come from?

We get our food from lots of different places.  We have local restaurants and grocery stores who donate food they can no longer use.  We also partner with the West Texas Food Bank to order food at a discount.  Any food that has not been donated we order at wholesale prices from food vendors.